Humanity's relationship with tech is broken.

The tech industry loaded our lives with so many devices that can’t be upgraded or repaired affordably, sacrificing our experience and planetary health for marginal gains.

This is a terrible experience for us, a ticking time bomb for the planet, and not healthy for the world's infrastructure.

A new norm is needed, and we're here to build it!
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founding team
Fady Tarek Selim
The Techie

Led the R&D of 5 tech products from concept to production.
Alina Iigilikova
The Operator

Wide set of experiences from startups to large corporations.
Daniel Rifaterra Solano
The Creative

A seasoned powerhouse in both physical and digital design.
Roshan Rajappa

30 years in supply chain. Formerly at Sonos and Blackberry.
Bethnal Green Ventures

Europe's leading early-stage tech for good VC & accelerator.
Raja Subramoni

30 years in consumer marketing. Formerly at Sonos, Xbox, and P&G.